GenCatch TM Gel Extraction Kit


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Gel Extraction Kit GenCatch TM Gel Extraction Kit purifies DNA fragments from agarose gel electrophoresis. Recovery efficiency of DNA fragments ranging from 70 bp to 10 kb in size is up to 80%. It totally eliminate slurry carryover problem as encountered using silica beads or glass milk based methods. Up to 10 ¦Ìg DNA can be recovered with a single column and elution volumes can be as little as 10 ¦Ìl.

Detailed Components

Mini-spin columns, collection tubes together with buffers and protocols.


Capacity: Up to 10 ¦Ìg of DNA.

Elution Volume: 10-50 ¦Ìl.

Recover Efficiency: Up to 80%.

Quality: DNA purified using GenCatch TM Gel Extraction Kit is free from agraose, carry-over slurry and salt contamination. And is suitable for many downstream molecular manipulations including PCR, ligation, restriction enzyme digestion, transformation and transfection, radioactive and fluorescent sequencing.

Fast:Single samples can be prepared within 10  minutes with minimum efforts. 18-24 samples can be simultaneously processed in a centrifugation format within 30 minutes. Or, more can be processed using a vacuum manifold.

Flexible: Mini columns can used in either centrifugation procedure or using a vacuum manifold.

Convenient: No phenol extractions or ethanol precipitations required.

Technical Data

Gel Extraction Kit

PCR products of various MW (lane 1-5)  were purified using GenCatch TM PCR Cleanup Kit and loaded as a cocktail (lane 6) onto 1.5% agraose gel. Recovery efficiency can be roughly estimated by comparing the overall intensity of the individual bands.