GenCatch TM Viral RNA Mini-Prep Kit


186005050 Mini Preps $146.00
1860250250 Mini Preps $645.00


GenCatch TM Viral RNA Mini-Prep Kit provides a simple, fast and cost-effective method to purify viral nucleic acids from cell-free samples such as plasma, serum, body fluid, urine, and cell culture supernatant. This system utilizes guanidine thiocyanate and 2-mercaptoethanol for their capabilities to inactivate RNase and denature proteins. Purified viral RNA is suitable fro applications such as RT-PCR, Northern and RNase protection assays. This system is ideal for isolation of RNA from pathogenic viruses such as hepatitis C virus (HCV) for RT-PCR screening of clinical samples.

Detailed Components

High quality spin columns, collection tubes together with buffers and protocols. 

Downstream Applications


Northern blotting.

RNase protection assay.

Technical Data

Viral RNA Purification Kit



RT-PCR of viral RNA isolated from infected cells with GenCatch TM Viral RNA Miniprep Kit. Lane 1: mock infection; 2: 6 hr after infection; 3: 12 hr after infection.