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Silica membrane based phenol-free nucleic acid extraction and purification followed the serendipitous discovery by Vogelstein et. al that glass tubes and scintillation vials bind DNA quantitatively. This unique way of purifying DNA/RNA from various sources has been proven to be the most efficient, reliable and fast way for preparing DNA/RNA for a variety of molecular manipulations.


Epoch Products At Epoch Life Science, nucleic acid binding properties of silica membranes with varying constituents have been studied. Binding capacities under different chemical conditions, such as wide range of pH, ionic strength, temperature and biological contexts have been carefully quantitated and optimized. Our spin columns are only made of silica membranes which (a) bind nucleic acid most selectively, (b) with high capacity, and (c) release the bound nucleic acids easily to provide superior purity and  overall highest yield of recovery.

Epoch Products Much attention has also been taken for an easier life of everyday bench scientists. Protocols have been maximally optimized and streamlined to save time and efforts. Scientist with previous experience on other purification systems will find transition to Epoch effortless.

Spin Column Epoch Spin columns are designed with extra care. Frosted necks provide safe marking places away from washable surface by ethanol-containing buffers, saving you headache on possible confusion. Slim dimension allows full load of all positions on standard microcentrifuge, maximizing your productivity. No curbsome lid on collection tube.