Gene Synthesis Service with Free Codon Optimization

Since our first gene was synthesized back in 2004, Epoch Life Science (originally Epoch Biolabs) has evolved to become one of the most dedicated gene synthesis companies. A plethora of references from peer-reviewed journals as well as patents, see below, certainly tells you more about our capability. Every project is taken seriously at Epoch with a focus on accuracy, speed and minimum cost. Our PhD experts go extra miles to help you design your projects with their extensive expertise in protein biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology and molecular biology. Minimizing your risk of wasting money, more importantly, saving your time and efforts in reaching your final goals. Our dedication can not always be matched elsewhere. Epoch Life Science can accommodate hundreds of projects simultaneously with hundreds of well trained associates. High GC, hairpin, tandem repeats will not deter us. Your gene smith can make any gene you can dream of. We are here to accelerate your research.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Full Service: Cloned into our standard vector pBlueScript or pUC and sequence verified. Minimum order for each small gene is $150.00. Guaranteed low price, email or call for quote. 
  • Optional codon optimization with no extra charges are included for both services.
  • Single-host vs. multi-host co-don optimization for over-expression 
  • Complete sequencing* (for full service only), 100% accuracy
  • As fast as 6 days, on average 2-3 week turn around time**

Turn Around Time:

* Under 7 business days for synthetic fragments. Full Serviced (cloned and sequence verified) are as follows:
Gene size  Average Turn Around Time***
< 1kp 6-12 business days
1-3kb 10-17 business days
3-10kb 15-25 business days

Gene Variant:

Gene size  Average Turn Around Time***
< 1kp 6 business days
1-3kb 6 business days
3-10kb 6 business days
* Only when ordered together with gene synthesis

Custom Cloning:

Service  Average Turn Around Time***
Subcloning 6 business days
cDNA Clone 6 business days
Knockout/KnockIn 6 business days


For a non binding quote of our Full Service for your particular project, email your sequence to

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