DNA Sequencing Service

Sanger sequencing using ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer. Houston Free pick up!


  • ABI Bigdye3.1 chemistry, reading length reach upto 900bp.
  • Fast turnaround time <24 Hours.
  • GC rich template or sequence with 2nd structures are doable if notice in advance.
  • Highly experienced tech support help you to solve difficult templates.

Sequencing with hairpin containing template


Sequencing with high GC template, up to 93%

Sequencing reads up to 980bp with high quality template

Sequencing data with Poly T

Sample Submission:

  • Please download the Sample submission form , fill it and send us by email.
  • Sample type: plasmid, bacteria colonies, PCR products, ready to load plate.
  • Low price, email or call for a quote.
  • Unpurified PCR and Bacterial plates, add $1.99/each sample or colony.
  • Deep discounts for load and run plates, call or email for a quote.
  • Call or email us before you send out your sample.

Additional Services:

  • Plasmid primer walking.
  • Primer synthesis.
  • Publication sequencing of whole plasmid.
  • Plasmid preparation from colonies: mini prep to maxi prep.
  • 16S rRNA sequencing for bacterial identification.
  • STR/SSR analysis
  • SNP sequencing
  • qRT-PCR

Contact us:

Tel: 832-886-5231


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