Gene Synthesis Service

Gene Synthesis, GeneSynthesis, Gene_Synthesis Custom gene synthesis at $0.35/bp for fast fragment synthesis service and $0.28 for cloned and sequence verified full service! Free codon-optimization to boost protein expression.

DNA Sequencing Service

Sequencing, DNA Sequencing Fast Sanger sequencing service using ABI 3730xl sequencer. Fast turn around, get your result in less than 20 hours. Free local Houston TMC pickup.

Custom Cloning Service

Cloning, Custom Cloning

Custom cloning services including subcloning, cDNA cloning, vector modification, viral vector construction, shRNA or ZFN expressing vector construction. Focus on your scientific questions and outscource the cloning to the experts!

Protein Expression and Purification

Protein Expression Contract protein expression and purification for basic research as well as drug discovery.

DNA & RNA Purification Kits

car DNA and RNA purification kits and columns, ease-to-use products at bargin price!

Recombinant Proteins

car Pure, active human growth factors, cytokines and key regulatory proteins for cell biology research.


Gene Synthesis  
Full Service: large discount for first time customers
$0.28/bp for genes less than 3K
High GC, small repeat are doable.