EconoSpin® All-In-One Mini Spin Columns for DNA/RNA extraction

DNA spin column, RNA spin column, micro spin, mini spin, Qiaprep, Qiaquick, Qiaamp, DNeasy, RNeasy, PureLink, GeneElute, PureYield EconoSpin® All-In-One Silica Membrane Mini Spin Column has been widely used as a low cost substitute for Qiaprep*, Qiaquick*, Qiaamp*, DNeasy*, RNeasy*, PureLink*, GeneElute*, PureYield*, and more. In a stand alone single column format, its application covers from DNA to RNA, from plasmid to viral and genomic DNA, from regular PCR purification to next generation sequencing sample preparation.

Since its introduction in 2005, millions of pieces have served scientists around the world. Enthusiasts have honored EconoSpin® in peer-reviewed publications with their own mission-tailored buffers for various applications.

EconoSpin® mini spin column is compatible with a wide range of buffers** from all brand names.

Notes: *Trade marks owned by Qiagen: Qiaprep, Qiaquick, Qiaamp, DNeasy, RNeasy. Purelink belongs to Lifetech. GeneElute is a trade mark of Sigma and PureYield goes to Promega.

Mini Spin Column:
#1910-050/250, no lidsilica membrane mini spin column without lid
#1920-050/250, w/ lidsilica membrane mini spin column wit attached lid
Two types to choose from: with attached lid and without lid

Designed with extra considerations for better performance and convenience.

Improved o-ring configuration completely eliminates buffer carryover, cleaner DNA for sequencing, digestion and transfection. 

Large frosted area around the neck instead of the column body, helps to avoid markers smudged by ethanol containing wash buffer.

Bed volume of 800ul, binding capacity of 30-40ug allow them to be directly plugged into your existing protocol.

Sold with 2 ml collection tubes.

Fits most vacuum manifold.

96-Well Filter Plate:
#2020-00196-well slica membrane filter plate with long drip

96-well filter plate with long drip for easier sample collection.

850 ul volume capacity and 20-30 ug DNA binding capacity for each well.
Compatible with most liquid handlers for automation.

Requires centrifuge with swinging bucket rotors.

Collection plates sold separately.

Midi and Maxi Column:
  silica membrane midi column 
 silica membrane maxi column

Less expensive alternative to anion exchange columns for large scale plasmid DNA extraction based on silica membrane technology.

Overall procedure is faster than anion exchange columns by eliminating ethanol precipitation step.

Binding capacity: 200-300 ug for midi and 600-800 ug for maxi, as tested with pBlueScript. 

Bed volumes: 6.5 ml for midi column and 25ml for maxi.

Midi column fits into most 15ml centrifuge/culture tubes, maxi column fits into most 50ml centrifuge/culture tubes.

Requires proper centrifuge and rotor.

Not recommended for transfection purpose.

For high quality DNA used for cell transfection please try our anion exchange column.